The Gardener's Weather Bible

The Gardener's Weather Bible - Gardening Book

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The Gardener's Weather Bible

by Sally Roth

ISBN 0875968872
305 pages

How to Predict and Prepare for Garden Success
in Any Kind of Weather

Written in a lively conversational tone, with at-a-glance tips and text boxes with weather and nature lore throughout, The Gardener’s Weather Bible is full of invaluable and practical information.

  • Learn how to interpret the weather and understand what it means for your garden
  • Build a home weather station and do your own local forecasting
  • Understand rainfall patterns and how they determine your planting schedule

Clue into weather wisdom for every season of the year: timing for spring planting, mitigating the effects of summer drought, successful season-stretchers for the fall, protecting plants from winter damage, and much more.

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