Rodale's Home Gardening Library: Fruit

Rodale's Home Gardening Library: Fruit - Gardening Book

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Rodale's Home Gardening Library: Fruit

89 pages
line drawings, softcover.

Luscious strawberries. Plump raspberries. Juicy peaches. Tart, crunchy apples. Even if you have limited space, you can enjoy fresh fruit picked in your own backyard. Fruit offers useful instructions and proven techniques that will help you:

  • Plan a backyard orchard with more than 12 types of fruit
  • Find dwarf varieties that produce big yields in a small space
  • Buy, plant, and care for fruit trees
  • Prevent insect damage without pesticides
  • Rejuvenate tired trees by pruning
  • Grow fruit in pots and containers
  • Landscape your yard with beautiful fruit trees

Don't just dream about a backyard orchard: Make it happen. This book shows you how.

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