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Feng Shui Card Deck
50 Ways to Create a Healthy and Harmonious Home

by Olivia H. Miller & Sheryll Hirschberg

ISBN 0-8118-3899-4
Deck of 50 Cards; 4 x 5 5/8; Boxed.

The places in which we live, work, and play express an energy that affects our internal harmony. The Eastern discipline of feng shui enhances well-being by ensuring that energy is positive and free-flowing. The Feng Shui Deck brings these ancient lessons into a unique, protable format and suits novices as well as thsoe who are adept at the art.

About the Author
Olivia H. Miller specializes in writing about alternative ways to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Currently residing on Cape Cod, she is the author of The Yoga Deck, The Stretch Deck, The Prenatal Yoga Deck, and The Yoga Deck II, all published by Chronicle Books.

Sheryll Hirschberger, a native of Cape Cod, is a co-founder of the Institute for Contemporary Feng Shui and has been practicing and teaching Taoist principles for harmonious living for more than fifteen years.

About this Author