The Edible Pepper Garden

The Edible Pepper Garden - Gardening Book

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The Edible Pepper Garden

by Rosalind Creasy

112 Pages
8 1/2 x 11

With gorgeous, four-color photographs, and simple yet authoritative text, this book by award-winning author Rosalind Creasy features helpful hints, expert gardening techniques, delicious recipes, and interviews with master gardeners and renowned chefs. From sweet peppers to four-alarm spicy ones, here are all the essentials on growing your own private pepper garden, including basic gardening tips and mouth-watering recipes for both the hot pepper lover and the faint of heart.

“For me, Ros Creasy is the Mother Goddess of a new generation of American kitchen gardeners. She inspires us all by showing how the twin passions of gardening and cooking are connected in history and practice. Her extensive research, combined with a personal writing style that reveals her creative zest, make her books absolute essentials for all gardening cooks.”
—Renee Shepherd

“Rosalind Creasy, having championed the beauty of vegetables, has returned to remind us that we cannot live by beauty alone. In each of these splendid volumes she guides us from the garden to the table and in so doing illustrates that all our meals are rooted in the earth, that the spoon and the spade are inseparable.”
—Roger Swain

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