A Contemplation Upon Flowers

A Contemplation Upon Flowers - Gardening Book

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A Contemplation Upon Flowers
Garden Plants in Myth and Literature.

by Bobby J. Ward
Forward by Ann Lovejoy

447 pp, 78 b/w illus., 6 x 9", hardcover.
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"This book provides yet another delicious escape from work, weather and worry for gardeners who love to trace the history of plants, following their travels and remarking their shifting popularity."

— Nancy Brachey, Charlotte Observer, September 16, 1999

An entertaining survey of 80 plant genera, with a multitude of references to, and extracts from, myth and literature from the earliest times to the recent past. Based on prodigious research, it includes much literature that has fallen into undeserved obscurity, as well as selections from the great poets. For plant lovers, it is a delightful study of the influence of the world's flora on humanity, from the mundane to the mystical. It is a perfect bedside book for the literate gardener.

Garden Writers Association of America Quill & Trowel Award

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