The Chemical-Free Lawn

The Chemical-Free Lawn - Gardening Book

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The Chemical-Free Lawn

by Warren Shultz

191 pages

No Pesticides ~ No Herbicides ~ No Chemical Fertilizers

The only guide that tells how to have a great lawn without using pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

Are you:

  • Wasting your weekends working on your lawn?
  • Sick of seeing your grass turn brown year after year?
  • At wit's end about unsightly, hazardous molehills?
  • Afraid of herbicides and unclear about alternatives?
  • Ready to give up and empty your bank account into the pocket of a chemical lawn-care company?

With this book, the grass can be greener on your side of the fence!

You'll find tips from experts across the country on how to:

  • Choose a grass that's great for your site
  • Mix 'n' match grasses for a lush look from spring through fall
  • Cut down on mowing mania
  • Rejuvenate a worn-out lawn
  • Fight damage from grubs, dogs, moles and other lawn marauders -- without chemicals
  • Identify and control weeds and diseases -- without chemicals
  • Feed your lawn without fattening it -- without chemicals!

The Chemical-Free Lawn is a comprehensive lawn-care reference.


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