Cats in their Gardens

Cats in their Gardens - Gardening Book

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Cats in their Gardens

by Page Dickey

ISBN 1584791608
96 pages, 6 1/4 x 8 3/4
full-color photographs

Every great garden deserves a great cat: this beautiful volume offers a charming assortment of both. A companion volume to the popular Dogs in Their Gardens (Stewart, Tabori & Chang), it features 20 outstanding gardens in England, Canada, and the United States created by noted garden designers and celebrities, such as Martha Stewart, Tovah Martin, Penelope Hobhouse, and James David. All are sanctuaries to the felines who call them home.

The author has trained her camera on an assortment of garden-loving cats, including calicos, Himalayans, Abyssinians, ocicats, Maine coon cats, and ordinary tabbies. Shown stretched out in the sun and draped languorously on a stone wall, these cats always manage to choose the most becoming flowers and foliage as backdrops.

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