Better Homes and Gardens: Garden Decorating

Better Homes and Gardens: Garden Decorating - Gardening Book

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Better Homes and Gardens:
Garden Decorating

by the Better Homes and Gardens Editors

192 pages; softcover; 9.7 x 9

How to add beauty, structure and function to your garden

These days, the yard is a palette for personal expression. And decorating in the garden is as mainstream as entertaining outdoors. Garden Decorating demonstrates how to translate interior style and design to exterior spaces.

Ahead-of-the-crowd ideas satisfy creative urges

  • Build fire pits, rain chains, and garden-hose fountains
  • Utilize architectural salvage
  • Showcase antique garden furnishings
  • Turn garden trimmings into graceful trellises

New approaches appeal to gardeners and decorators alike

  • Feature furnishings and art
  • Design with garden objects
  • Emphasize livability
  • Prioritize low maintenance

Outdoor decor to make the yard look and feel even more like home

  • Personal style
  • Structural elements
  • Ornamentation
  • Functional embellishments

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