Beautiful Bulbs

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Beautiful Bulbs
Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens -- Inside and Out

by by Georgeanne Brennan, Mimi Luebbermann, Faith Echtermeyer

64 pages; 8.8 X 8; Softcover

Renowned as a foolproof and inexpensive way to grow fragrant and colorful flowers indoors and out, bulbs are a perennially popular topic for beginner and experienced gardeners alike. This warm and friendly guide offers straightforward counsel for growing 20 of the best-loved bulb varieties, plus advice on selection and planting methods. Best of all, there's invaluable advice on forcing bulbs, so readers can enjoy flowers year round. Bursting with gorgeous color photos and creative ideas for using bulbs in the home -- from tucking a dazzling red amaryllis into a household nook to filling an entire garden with brilliant yellow daffodils -- here's a book devoted to the brightest of bulbs.

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