AHS Practical Guides - Small Gardens

AHS Practical Guides - Small Gardens - Gardening Book

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American Horticultural Society Practical Guides: Small Gardens

ISBN: 0789441594
5.39 x 7.87in; 80 pages; paperback

Expert advice on growing in small spaces from a trusted name in gardening.

Get the solutions to your gardening problems from the American Horticultural Society's Practical Guides! Select from this ever-growing library of titles for the best gardening advice on plants and plant care, garden design, and garden construction.

Small Gardens Includes:

  • Planning a small garden - deciding what you want from your garden and how to achieve it; making the most of your space; choosing a style that you like and the most suitable materials.

  • Garden designs- selection of 20 illustrated plans chosen to show the wide range of ideas for making a small garden seem larger; creating a sense of privacy; introducing areas for relaxing, entertaining, and children's play, and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

  • Preparing plans - taking accurate measurements and making your plan a reality.

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