AHS Practical Guides - Herb Gardens

AHS Practical Guides - Herb Gardens - Gardening Book

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American Horticultural Society Practical Guides: Herb Gardens

ISBN: 0789441500
5.39 x 7.87in; 80 pages; paperback

Expert advice on herbs from a trusted name in gardening.

Get the solutions to your gardening problems from the American Horticultural Society's Practical Guides! Select from this ever-growing library of titles for the best gardening advice on plants and plant care, garden design, and garden construction.

Herb Gardens Includes:

  • Making herb gardens - planning and building a formal herb garden; herbs in gravel and brick-patterned beds; growing herbs in containers.
  • Practical projects - drying and storing herbs; culinary uses and simple home remedies; herbs for crafts and hobbies.
  • Plant care - raising plants from seed and cuttings; caring for herbs throughout the year.
  • Recommended herbs - popular herbs with photographs and information on their preferred growing conditions and cultivation tips.

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