50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Baby

50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Baby - Gardening Book

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50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Baby

by Karyn Siegel-Maier

ISBN 1580172571
139 pages; paperback.

Swaddle Your Baby In Love!

Scientific studies now show what common sense told us all along -- you can't give a newborn child too much love. In fact, tenderness and touch are as vital to a baby as milk! In this easy-to-read book (that even a mother with a newborn can find time to read!), Karyn Siegel-Maier explores ways to show your love and enjoy special times with your baby.

The hundreds of tips, natural baby-care recipes, and creative ways to pamper your baby include:

  • Bonding while still in the womb

  • Special ways to cuddle your newborn

  • Creating a safe and soothing atmosphere in the nursery

  • Simple remedies for common problems

  • Tips for helping a baby sleep

  • Healthy herbal bath blends for babies

  • Infant massage techniques, and much more!

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