San Marzano Tomato Seeds

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An old favorite. Good flavor, great canner.

Aunt Ruby's German Green
Ripens to a light green with a hint of yellow.

Brandywine (Pole)
One of the best tasting tomatoes and our most popular.

Black Krim (Pole)
One of the most reliable 'black' tomatoes, this heirloom does well in adverse conditions.

An old favorite - good flavor and great for canning.

Cherokee Purple
Brick red flesh, very rich flavor.

An excellent, all-purpose variety, great flavor and disease resistance.

Currant Red & Yellow Blend (Pole)
Hundreds of tiny, intensely flavored, red & yellow fruit from each plant.

First Lady II (Pole)
One of the earliest full-sized tomatoes with excellent flavor and great disease resistant (VNFT.)

Gardeners Delight (Cherry)
Very sweet, great in salads or eaten in the garden.

Green Zebra
Excellent flavor and unique appearance. Smooth, crease and crack-free skin.

Husky Gold (Patio)
Compact plants - the perfect choice for containers.

Roma (Italian)
This is the best choice for canning because of the meaty, flavorful flesh with very few seeds.

Rainbow Mix (Cherry)
A variety of colors and flavors in one packet!

San Marzano (Pole)
Classic Italian paste tomato.

Sugar Sweetie (Cherry)
A highly regarded cherry with a strong, classic flavor.

Sun Gold (Cherry)
Very sweet, tropical, exotic flavored, orange-tangerine color.

Yellow Pear (Cherry)
Yellow, pear-shaped fruit that hangs in clusters.

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