Sprouts: Alfalfa

Sprouts: Alfalfa - Seeds & Bulbs

Jumbo Packet

Anyone who has purchased sprouts at the grocery store knows that quality can vary greatly. Depending on shipping and delivery time, those sprouts may be far from fresh, and their nutritive value quite diminished. For pennies a day, you can have the freshest, most nutrition-packed sprouts possible by growing your own at home. Our certified organic, untreated, high-germination sprouting seed will assure your success. Alfalfa sprouts are one of the most popular, versatile and nutritious of all sprouting seeds. They are high in protein, essential amino acids, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll (when exposed to light). Alfalfa sprouts add lively flavor and texture to tossed salads and sandwiches; blended into fruit shakes or juices; added to potato pancakes, scrambled eggs or omelets; and stir-fried with other vegetables.


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