A Pot Full of Cannas (page 2)

A Pot Full of Cannas (page 2)

by John Richmond

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Then things changed. I visited a garden centre in early summer 1998 and saw a young plant of Canna "City of Portland" for sale at £2.50 (about $4). It had one reasonable sized and two smaller shoots and looked to be well worth the risk. I bought it.

It was in a small pot so the first act was a transfer into a larger pot containing a mixture of soil based and soilless compost. I knew that Cannas were gross feeders so timed-release fertilizer granules were added to keep the plant fed through the season. I put it in full sun on the patio, kept it well watered, and waited.

First came the leaves. Broad, dark streaked paddles, which made for an impressive foliage effect. Eventually it flowered. A single spike in late September and early October. Winds and rain soon wrecked the flowers, although the leaves remained impressive for another month. Then it was time to prepare the plant for the winter.

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