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Hot Peppers

Mildly hot. Very popular in Mexico.

Cayenne Blend
Decorative, prolific plants.

Cayenne Red
A multitude of uses for fresh and dried peppers.

Early Jalapeno - Organic
Hot and tasty.

Habenero - Organic
The hottest pepper in the world.

Hungarian Yellow Wax - Organic
Medium hot - for pickling, frying, canning, and salads.

NuMex Joe E. Parker - Organic
Mild with excellent flavor.

Pasilla Bajio
Also called 'chilaca' and 'chile negro', mainly used as a dried pod or powder.

Pepperoncini Greek - Organic
The classic pepper for pickling.

Asian pepper with good flavor and ornamental value.

Serrano Tampiqueno
Distinctive flavor makes this pepper popular along the Mexican border.

Tabasco Greenleaf
Very hot with uniquely smoky flavor.

Thai Hot
Zesty and very hot. A festive ornamental plant for containers.

Sweet Peppers

California Wonder - Organic
Excellent for stuffing, heavy producer.

California Wonder Orange - Organic
Matures to a bright orange

Canary Bell
Very productive bright yellow pepper

Emerald Giant
A large, thick fleshed green bell peper sweetens and turns red on the vine.

Marconi Golden
Traditional Italian peppers. Great for rosting and frying.

Pretty plants with three colors of peppers. Great fried.

Great pickled. Adds flavor and crunch to salads, especially chicken, potato and pasta.

Purple Beauty
Unusual color with thick, meaty flesh.

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