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California Blackeye #5

Technically a bean, Southern Peas grow in conditions similar to or slightly warmer and more humid than snap beans. They are very high in protein (20%), low in fat, and high in Vitamin B1. Plants are upright and semi-spreading with 6" - 12" pods produced at the top (crown) of the plant. California Blackeye #5 is a Southern home garden favorite variety.

One packet plants a 15' row.

Days to Maturity: 75
When to Sow Outside: Spring, 1 - 2 weeks after average last frost. If weather is still cool and wet, wait until it warms up.
When to Sow Inside: Sow directly outside.
Seed Depth: 1/2 - 1"
Seed Spacing: 2" - 3"
Row Spacing: 24" - 36"
Days to Emerge: 10
Thinning: When 1" tall, thin to 4" to 6" apart.

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