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Pea - Snow
Oregon Sugar Pod II

This is one of those vegetables that tastes MUCH better fresh from the garden than bought from a store. Oregon Sugar Pod II produces an abundance of 4" tasty pods which are harvested and eaten when the pods are flat, before the seed forms. The short, 28" vines are easy to manage. Plants resist mildew, pea virus, and common wilt. Excellent for the freezer.

Days to Maturity: 58
When to Sow Outside: Early Spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. Soil temperature must be above 40 degrees. In zone 8 and warmer, plant in fall for winter harvest.
When to Sow Inside: Sow directly outside.
Seed Depth: 1"
Seed Spacing: 2"
Row Spacing: 18"
Days to Emerge: 5 to 10
Thinning: No need to thin.

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