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Head Lettuces

Butterhead Marvel of Four Seasons
Attractive red leaves with cranberry red tips.

Butterhead Speckles
Interesting color on a 200 year old heirloom.

Butterhead Tom Thumb
Great taste, and the perfect size for individual salads.

Crisphead Summertime
The most heat resistant head lettuse yet. Very sweet.

Leaf Lettuces

Leaf Lettuce Blond
Danish variety, fringed blond leaves, excellent flavor, and withstands heat without getting bitter.

Leaf Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
A quick crop of delicately flavored lettuce.

Leaf Lettuce Lolla Rossa
A mild but very distinct flavor. Very attractive. An excellent "cut-and-come-again" lettuce.

Leaf Lettuce Oak Leaf
Attractive leaf shape, can be grown indoors.

Leaf Lettuce Red Sails
Heat & bolt resistant, attractive foliage.

Leaf Lettuce Salad Bowl Blend
Heat tolerant and bolt resistant.


Romaine - Cimmaron
Great for Caesar salads, foliage is a mix of green, bronze and red.

Romaine - Freckles
An heirloom with striking maroon splotches.

Romaine - Parris Island Cos
Crunchy, dark green leaves, vigorous plants.

Mesclun Mixes

Mesclun Bon Vivant Blend
An exciting mix of colors, flavors & Textures.

Mesclun Bon Vivant Spicy Blend
We've added a few special greens to Bon Vivant for a European-style mix.

Mesclun - Q's Special Mix
Chef John Platt of Q's chose this mix.

Sassy Salad Mesculin Mix (Oversized Packet)
A custom mix of 17 lettuces and greens.

Other Salad Greens

Clean taste with a slight 'bite'.

An essential ingredient in gourmet salads.

Mizuna Mustard
Mild, sweet, earthy flavor, tolerates cold and heat.

Self heading. Read with very white veins.

Add spunk to any salad with this popular green.

An attractive, heat-loving summer grean, more nutritious than spinach or beet greens.

Mache - Corn Salad
A very old, mild, tender green, good in salads or cooked.

Micro Greens, Mild Mix
A mix of mild flavored greens.

Micro Greens, Spicy Mix
A mix of spicy flavored greens.

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