Winter Bulbs

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Winter Bulbs

Now that the bright colors of spring and summer have faded from our gardens, it's a good time to take a look at the landscape and decide where to plant your winter bulbs. Those who garden in zones 7-9 will enjoy late winter blooms while gardeners in zones 6 and north can expect early spring flowers from these little cold weather gems. They can be planted directly in the lawn, and will complete their cycle before the lawn needs mowing.

Colonies of these green and white flowers look good in woodland settings, in rock gardens and in pockets of soil between tree roots.

Though sometimes hard to establish, you will eventually have a bright yellow carpet of buttercuplike, quarter size flowers that will self seed and spread nicely. The earliest variety is Eranthis cilicica which can bloom in January.

Choose an early blooming variety such as 'February Gold'.

Miniature Irises
Suggested varieties include reticulated iris (Iris reticulata) and Danford iris (I. danfordiae). Expect blooms in January and February.

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