Eggplant: Long Purple

Eggplant: Long Purple - Seeds & Bulbs

Eggplant - Ai Qwa
Long Purple - Japanese/Chinese

Eggplant is a very international vegetable: unique and tasty eggplant dishes are served in Japan, China, Italy, Russia and other countries. Try dipping sliced eggplant in flour and frying in olive oil (Italy), stir-frying with bean sprouts, peppers, and tomatoes (China), or roasting and combining with olive oil, chopped onions and tomatoes (Russia). Long Purple is milder and more delicate in flavor than other eggplant. Few seeds and thin skin make it easy to cook.

One packet yields 35 plants after thinning.

Days to Maturity: 80
When to Sow Outside: 3 to 4 weeks after last frost. Soil temperature should be at least 60 degrees and outside temperature should be at least 55 degrees.
When to Sow Inside: 8 - 12 weeks before last frost. Starting inside is recommended.
Seed Depth: 1/4"
Seed Spacing: Start indoors.
Row Spacing: 18" apart
Days to Emerge: 10 - 20
Thinning: Thin to 18" apart

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