Celery: Tall Utah

Celery: Tall Utah - Seeds & Bulbs

Tall Utah 52/70 Improved

The fruits of the labors of experienced gardeners will be even sweeter when growing celery. It grows best in climates with long, moderate temperature seasons, but can be grown in most places with proper technique. See detailed directions inside the packet. Celery IS worth the extra effort.

One packet plants a 10-foot row.

Days to Maturity: 100 - 120
When to Sow Outside: With either seed or transplants, sow around the average last spring frost day. Only direct seed in climates with even, long, moderate temperatures such as the Pacific Southwest of the deep south. All others start indoors.
When to Sow Inside: Start 3 - 4 months (that's right, months) before planting outside.
Seed Depth: press into surface.
Seed Spacing: 1"
Row Spacing: 1'
Days to Emerge: 10 - 25
Thinning: When 1/2" tall thin to 6" apart

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