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Celery, Chinese

Chinese celery is an ancient vegetable. In 1972, bamboo slips used to record recipes were excavated from the Han dynasty tombs, and Chinese celery was one of the ingredients on those slips. The Flavor is more robust than typical American celery. Leaves are generally stir-fried and incorporated into meat and fish dishes. It is also used in stews, soups, and rice dishes. It makes an attractive garden plant.

Days to Maturity: 45
When to Sow Outside: 5 weeks before last average frost date. Seeds will not germinate well is the soil is warm. In warm climates, sow in fall for a winter crop. If protected, it can withstand temperatures as low as 15 degrees.
When to Sow Inside: 2 - 4 weeks before you plan to plant out.
Seed Depth: Press onto surface of soil.
Seed Spacing: 1"
Row Spacing: 12"
Days to Emerge: 15 to 30
Thinning: When 1/2" tall thin to 4" to 6" apart

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