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Bush Bean Trio
A colorful mixture of Blue Lake 247, Cherokee Wax and Purple Queen.

Blue Lake 274 (Bush, Snap)
An old variety that remains popular for its excellent flavor and texture when frozen.

Contender (Bush, Snap)
The earliest bean we could find -- only 40 days to harvest.

Purple Teepee (Bush, Snap)
These deep purple pods turn green when cooked. The dark color makes them easy to find when harvesting.

Tavera (Bush, Filet)
A true gourmet French 'filet' bean featured in upscale French markets.

Pencil Pod (Bush, Snap, Wax)
A very adaptable wax bean - will grow almost anywhere.

Kentucky Wonder (Pole, Snap)
An 1800's heirloom with unsurpassed flavor.

Romano (Pole, Snap)
One of the best Italian beans available. Long producer.

Scarlet Emperor (Pole, Runner)
Large sprays of brilliant rich red flowers contrast against deep green foliage will make you want to use Scarlet Emperor as an ornamental as well as a tasty vegetable.

Liana Yard Long (Pole, Asparagus)
Great in stir-fries, steamed, or prepared as snap beans, plants are practically indestructable.

Baby Lima
Sweet, nutty flavor, productive bush variety.

Broad Windsor (Fava)
Delectable nutty flavor in an old world heirloom bean.

Blue Lake (Pole, Snap)
Fiberless and "meaty". Very heavy yeilds.

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