Bean: Broad (Fava) - Broad Windsor

Bean: Broad (Fava) - Broad Windsor - Seeds & Bulbs

Bean - Broad (Fava)
Broad Windsor

Reward your taste buds with this heavenly Mediterrean bean! Small fava bean pods can be sliced and eaten like snap beans, and the tips of the foliage make tasty cooked greens. Beans are preceeded by beautiful black-and-white flowers.

Days to Maturity: 85
When to Sow Outside: These beans can be planted 'when the crocus emerge' - as early in spring as the soil can be worked. In warm climates, plant in fall for a spring harvest.
When to Sow Inside: Sow directly outside
Seed Depth: 1"
Seed Spacing: 12"
Row Spacing: 12"
Days to Emerge: 10 to 25
Thinning: Not Necessary

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