Snowdrop - Garden Basics - Flower - Bulb


These are hardy bulbs, originally from Europe and Asia Minor. Two or three straplike leaves, dark green in color, grow from each bulb. The white flowers are usually borne singly, mostly in early spring but sometimes in mid to late winter, which makes them the earliest flowering bulb. In the south they may bloom from late fall through winter. The three inner petals have green tips and overlap the outer petals to form a tube.

The bulbs should be planted 3-4 inches deep in early autumn in fertile soil. They will thrive in sun or shade. Use the in rock gardens or as an edging plant. Snowdrops are also a good choice for forcing, naturalizing, and planting in lawns. Plant them with other early bulbs such as miniature irises and chionodoxa.

They may be left undisturbed for many years, but if you plan to move them or propogate the bulbs, lift just as the flowers fade.

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