Squash: Summer Squash: Early Prolific Straightneck

Squash: Summer Squash: Early Prolific Straightneck - Seeds & Bulbs

Squash - Summer
Early Prolific Straightneck

An All America Selection in 1938, this old, open pollinated variety is still popular because of its thick, tasty flesh and resistance to squash bugs. Commercial growers let them grow quite large so that the skin will thicken and they will ship and keep better, but they are best eaten when they are about 4" long or less.

Days to Maturity: 45
When to Sow Outside: 2 to 3 weeks after last frost. Soil temperature should be at least 60 degrees.
When to Sow Inside: 3 to 4 weeks before last frost. Not recommended except in short season climates.
Seed Depth: 1"
Seed Spacing: 6 seeds per hill
Row Spacing: Space hills 4 to 6 feet apart
Days to Emerge: 5 to 10
Thinning: Thin to three plants per hill

Each packet plants 6 hills or 18 plants.

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