Dill Bouquet - Seeds & Bulbs

This is the most widely grown dill. Early, large seed heads make this an excellent dill for pickling. Plant extra for the swallowtail butterflies! The foliage is also good sprinkled on news potatoes, tomatoes, grilled salmon, spinach, green beans, cucumbers and squash. Very aromatic.

Approximate Seeds per Pound: 160,000
Approximate Seeds per Ounce: 10,000

Plant Type: Annual
When to Sow Outside: In spring, after the last frost. Continue to sow every 2 - 3 weeks until hot weather sets in to assure a constant supply of fresh foliage and seeds.
When to Sow Inside: Not recommended - does not transplant well
Seed Depth: Press into surface of soil
Seed Spacing: 1"
Row Spacing: 2'
Days to Emerge: 20 - 25
Thinning: When 3" tall, thin to 12 " apart.

This packet will plant 1 100-foot row or many successive plantings.

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