Common Thyme

Common Thyme - Seeds & Bulbs

Thyme - Common
(Thumus vulgaris)

A hedge of thyme looks teriffic around an herb or vegetable garden, and you won't find a more versitile herb in the kitchen. The leaves are small and delicate, and you'll have edible flowers to garnish your dishes in early summer. Plants grow only 12 inches tall, and work well in containers, and can even be grown in a sunny windowsill. Even after heavy thinning, this packet will produce 40 plants.

Flower Type: Perennial
Bloom Time: Summer
Height: 1 foot
Exposure: Needs at least half a day of sun

When to Sow Outside: Two weeks after last average frost date, or when soil has warmed to 70 degrees.
When to Sow Inside: 8 weeks before last frost
Seed Depth: 1/8 "
Seed Spacing: 4 to 5 seeds per inch
Days to Emerge: 10 to 15
Thinning: When 1" tall thin to 10 inches apart

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