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Cilantro - Bulk Pricing - Seeds & Bulbs

Cilantro Seeds
(Coriandrum Sativum)

For a couple of herbs, coriander and cilantro sure do cause a lot of confusion. There's really no need for the fuss because they're just two parts of the same plant: cilantro is the pungent leaf and coriander is the citrusy seed. Cilantro is the staple ingredient in salsa and other Mexican dishes. Coriander is used whole or ground in curries, Oriental dishes, and savory baked goods.

After the flower umbels have formed, allow them to go to seed. Cut and dry the heads, and harvest the seeds.

Life Cycle: Annual
Height: 12 - 24 inches
When to plant: In spring, after the last frost. Plant seeds every 2-3 weeks for a long season of harvest.
How to plant: Plant in the garden, directly where the plant will grow. It's not a good idea to start indoors because cilantro doesn't transplant well. Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep and 1" apart in rows 8" apart. When seedlings ar 2" tall, thin to 6" apart. Seeds can take 10-15 days to germinate.
Ideal location: Cilantro will grow in almost any type of soil as long as there is adequate moisture and lots of sun. Perfect for containers on your deck or patio.

Approximate Seeds per Pound: 32,000
Approximate Seeds per Ounce: 2,000

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