Viola: King Henry

Viola: King Henry - Seeds & Bulbs

King Henry
(Viola cornuta)

These deep violet-blue, velvety flowers with bright yellow eyes are striking planted with spring bulbs in cold climates. Fall planting produces fall, early winter, and spring blooms. Plants will overwinter in climates as cold as USDA zone 4. Blooms sfall through spring in warm climates. Excellent in containers.

Average Count: 400 seeds

Flower Type: Annual
Bloom Time: Spring to Early Summer & Fall
Height: 4" to 8" tall
Exposure: Light shade or sun

When to Sow Outside: In cold climates, sow in early spring (2-4 weeks before last frost) for spring blooms or in summer for fall and spring blooms.
When to Sow Inside: 10 to 12 weeks before last frost for spring planting or early summer for fall planting.
Seed Depth: 1/8 "
Seed Spacing: 1"
Days to Emerge: 7 to 14
Thinning: 4"

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