Verbena: bonariensis

Verbena: bonariensis - Seeds & Bulbs

Verbena Brazilian Verbain
(Verbena bonariensis)

Stunning rose-volet to lavender flower clusters at the tips of tall, see-through foliage create a light, airy wave of color. Superb cut flower; hardy and easy to grow in beds and borders. Very attractive to hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Reseeds itself readily. Also called tall or purpletop verbena, purpletop vervain, South American or Brazilian Verbena.

Average Count: 350 Seeds

Life Cycle: Perennial (flowers first year)
Bloom Time: Summer until first frost
Height: 3' to 6' tall
Exposure: Full sun to Light shade

When to Sow Outside: Spring, 2 - 4 weeks before average last frost.
When to Sow Inside:10 - 12 weeks before average last frost.
Seed Spacing: 1/4"
Days to Emerge: 14 - 25
Thinning: 12" apart

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