Texas Bluebonnet Seeds - Bulk Pricing

Texas Bluebonnet Seeds - Bulk Pricing - Seeds & Bulbs

Texas Bluebonnet
(Lupinus texensis)

This Texas native is grown as a perennial in frost free areas of the south and as an annual in colder climates, and will reseed itself. Texas bluebonnets are a challenge to grow outside the native area, but it can be done. Grows best in a well-drained soil and thrives in silty or sandy soils. Striking when planted in mass and also used as a cut flower.

Flower Type: Annual/Tender Perennial
Bloom Time: Spring
Height: 1' - 2' tall
Exposure: Full Sun

Seeds per Pound: l4,500
Planting rate: l lb./700 sq. ft.; 60 lbs./acre

Seed Spacing: 4"
Days to Emerge: 15 - 25
Thinning: When 2" tall, thin to 1' apart.

Availability: Usually leaves our warehouse in 2-3 business days.

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