Sweet William Double Mix

Sweet William Double Mix - Seeds & Bulbs

Sweet William Double Mix
(Dianthus barbatus)

An attractive, 18" dome of a myriad of beautiful flower colors. This variety is a double Sweet William! One of the best, longest lasting cut flowers available. Technically a biennial, but reseeds itself for flowers year after year. Shearing spent blossoms will encourage blooms for another year. Easy to grow.

Flower Type: Biennial
Bloom Time: Late Spring
Height: 12" to 20" tall
Exposure: Full Sun

When to Sow Outside: Spring - after last frost. Sow in early summer for blooms the following year.
When to Sow Inside: 8-12 weeks before last frost.
Seed Depth: 1/4"
Seed Spacing: 1/2"
Days to Emerge: 5 - 10
Thinning: When 1/2" tall thin to 8" apart

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