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Sweet Pea

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Bouquet Mix
Developed for use as a cut flower. Rainbow of colors.

This very old, heirloom sweet pea traces back to 1699.

Cupid Pink
Very dwarf and compact - perfect for hanging baskets and patio planters.

Early Multiflora Mix
Great for winter blooms in warm climates & early spring blooms in cold climates.

Knee Hi
Self-supported, bush-type vines. Great for mass displays or borders.

Melody Blend
Large, bold, ruffled bicolors in pink, violet, lilac, lavender, red and maroon.

Miss Wilmott
Deep orange-pink heirloom variety that traces back to 1901.

Ocean Foam
A special blend of heirloom old spice sweet peas.

Old Spice Blend
A mixture of old heirloom varieties.

Pastel Sunset
An artist's palette of soft shades.

Perfume Delight
Very fragrant and more heat resistant than most.

In the Pink
A designer blend of warm shades of pink and pink highlights.

Royal Family Mix
Large flowers that are more heat resistant than most varieties.

A blend of Spencer sweet pea with vibrant streaks of blue, orange, chocolate and scarlet.

Perennial Sweet Pea (Pearl Blend)
Can bloom into summer!

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