Sweet Baby Blues

Sweet Baby Blues - Seeds & Bulbs

Sweet Baby Blues
Jumbo Packet

Dainty Baby Blue Eyes, cheerful Five Spot, sky-blue Forget Me Nots, vivid California Bluebells -- this collection has something for all lovers of 'the blues'! A range of sixteen pastel and blue shades, and a variety of delightful shapes and textures for a low-growing (6" to 20") summer border. All varieties in this mix are annuals.

Mixture Contains:

  • Baby Blue Eyes
  • Lupine Pixie Delight
  • Forget-Me-Not Summer
  • Chinese Houses
  • Cornflower Midget Blue
  • California Bluebells
  • Forget Me Not
  • Virginian Stock
  • Angel Blend
  • Baby's Breath
  • Birds Eyes
  • Blue Pimpernell
  • Rose of Heaven
  • Floss Flower
  • Daisy Swan River

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