Chinese Ground Orchid

Chinese Ground Orchid - Garden Basics - Flower - Bulb

(Beletilla striata)

These easy-care orchids are a good bit smaller than the traditional florist's orchids, with bloom reaching a size of 1-2 inches. Plants grow to a height of 12 inches with clusters of 7-12 pink or purple lowers per stem. Leaves are long and narrow with lengthwise pleats. B. striata blooms from early to midsummer, and B. striata 'alba' (white) blooms from midsummer until frost. Both are very fragrant and long-lasting as cut flowers. They make delightful and decorative pot plants.

Choose a location in part shade. Chinese ground orchids prefer a moist, well-composted soil. Plant the roots about 6 inches apart and 4 inches deep in fall or early spring. In zones 6-7 they can be left outdoors over winter if mulched heavily. Gardeners in colder zones will need to dig the bulbs and bring them indoors for winter storage. Propagate in fall or spring by dividing clumps of pseudobulbs.

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