Prairie Coneflower Seeds

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Yellow Prairie Coneflower Seeds
(Ratibida columnifera)

This sun-loving perennial will grow in all regions of North America, and thrives in drought conditions. Flowers are bright yellow and foliage is light green. The flower size depends on the amount of moisture the plant receives. Does best in a well-drained, alkaline soil. Seeds can be planted in spring or as late as 8 weeks before the first frost for flowers the following year.

Life Cycle: Perennial
Height: 12-36"
Color: yellow
Exposure: Sun

To Plant A Meadow: Prepare soil by removing weeds and cultivating to loosen the soil. Spread seeds evenly over prepared soil. Pressing or rolling seeds onto soil will help improve germination rate. Keep soil slightly moist until seedlings are established.

Average seeds per pound: 1,230,143
Pounds per acre: 2

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