California Poppy - Bulk Pricing

California Poppy - Bulk Pricing - Seeds & Bulbs


Mixed Colors

White Linen (white)

Mikado (red-orange)

California Poppy Seeds
(Eschscholzia california)

  • Orange
  • Mixed Colors
  • Mikado (red-orange)
  • Poppy White Linen

This California native is extremely drought tolerant, ideal for arid environments. The brilliant orange, cup-shaped flowers, are 2-4 inches in diameter, borne individually on long stalks. Prefers full sun in light to sandy soils. Remarkably uniform and neat in appearance. Sow in early spring or late fall. Press or roll the seeds onto bare ground. Blooms in spring and summer.

Flower Type: Annual (perennial)
Bloom Time: Spring and Fall
Height: 6" to 12"
Exposure: Full Sun

When to Sow Outside: In cold climates, sow in spring as early as the soil can be worked. In warm climates, sow in fall for fall and early spring color.
When to Sow Inside: Does not transplant well.

To Plant in Beds and Borders:
Seed Depth: 1/8"
Seed Spacing: 1"
Days to Emerge: 10
Thinning: When 1" tall thin to 6" apart

To Plant A Meadow: Prepare soil by removing weeds and cultivating to loosen the soil. Spread seeds evenly over prepared soil. Pressing or rolling seeds onto soil will help improve germination rate. Keep soil slightly moist until seedlings are established.

Estimated Seed Count
Area Covered
2 oz
1,800 sq ft
4 oz
3,600 sq ft
8 oz
7,250 sq ft
1 lb
14,500 sq ft

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