Amaryllis - Garden Basics - Flower - Bulb


These handsome, bold plants have large, showy, lilylike flowers and long strap-shaped leaves growing directly from the bulb. The leaves usually apear after the flowers.

Amaryllis is easily grown outdoors in frost-free regions in good garden soil and partial sun. They are excellent for forcing and make elegant pot plants for home or greenhouse. These plants are easy to grow indoors, even for the novice, and can live indoors year-round as long as good soil and periodic feedings are provided.

To grow Amaryllis indoors, plant the bulb in a basic potting mixture with about half the top showing. After the plant blooms, keep the foliage growing until it yellows, then store the bulb in the pot for use next year.

Growing your own seedlings
When a blossom is wide open, transfer pollen daily with a cotton swab from the stamens to the tip of the stigma (central greenish structure.) After the seedpod matures and yellows, open it and sow the seed in a basic potting mixture, covering it with a dusting of soil. Soak the pot from the bottom and keep at about 70 degrees until it germinates. When seedlings are 2 inches high, transfer to individual 2 inch pots. Feed bi-weekly and provide half a day of sun. Move to larger pots as necessary. Your seedlings will bloom in about three years if enough moisture is provided.

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