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Lavatera (Rose Mallow)
(Lavatera trimestris)
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The large, graceful, hibiscus-like blooms of the rose mallow (also called tree mallow) are one of the highlights of the garden from June to September. The flower color deepens with age. Although this rose mallow is an annual, it reseeds itself readily if seeds are left to fall on bare soil. Rose mallow grows well in all parts of North America in almost any type of soil, and blooms well in sun or light shade. Seeds should be sown in spring.

Plant Type: Annual
Height: 24-48"
Colors: white/pink
Exposure: Sun or Light Shade

To Plant A Meadow: Prepare soil by removing weeds and cultivating to loosen the soil. Spread seeds evenly over prepared soil. Pressing or rolling seeds onto soil will help improve germination rate. Keep soil slightly moist until seedlings are established.

Average seeds per pound: 70,800
Pounds per acre: 25

Estimated Seed Count
2 oz
4 oz
1 lb

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