Hummingbird Haven Oversized Packet

Hummingbird Haven Oversized Packet - Seeds & Bulbs

Hummingbird Haven
Oversized Packet

Calling all hummingbirds! If this mix of showy, bright blooms doesn't catch their attention, they haven't arrived in your town yet. Eighteen different varieties, each an irresistable invitation to imbibe in summer's sweet nectar.

This mix covers approximately 14 square feet and includes these seeds:

  • Nasturtium (A)
  • Lupine (P)
  • Zinnia (A)
  • Hollyhock 'Dark colors' (A)
  • Butterfly Weed (P)
  • Hummingbird Sage (P)
  • Phlox Annual (A)
  • Rocket Larkspur (A)
  • Spider Flower (A)
  • Godetia (A)
  • Bee Balm (P)
  • Columbine Shooting Star (P)
  • Penstemon Tubular Bells (A)
  • Red-Hot Poker (P)
  • Standing Cypress (B)
  • Foxglove (B)
  • Flowering Tobacco (A)
  • Coral Bells (P)
A-Annual, P-Perennial, B-Biennial

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