Four O'clocks: Marvel of Peru

Four O'clocks: Marvel of Peru - Seeds & Bulbs

Four O'Clocks
Marvel of Peru

(Mirabilis jalapa)

Named for its characteristic of blooming after 4PM, Four O'Clocks grow and flower almost anywhere, including hot, windy sites. Excellent as an annual hedge. Where the ground never freezes, tubers are considered perennial. In cold climates, tubers can be dug and planted next spring. Reseeds freely. Does well in barrels, tubs, and large pots. Outstanding fragrance when blossoms are open.

Seeds per Pound: 6,300
Seeding rate: 40 pounds per acre

Estimated Seed Count
2 oz
4 oz
8 oz
1 lb

Flower Type: Annual
Bloom Time: Summer to Fall
Height: 2' to 4'
Exposure: Full Sun or Shade

When to Sow Outside: Spring, after average last frost date.
When to Sow Inside: 4 to 6 weeks before last frost.
Seed Depth: 1/4"
Seed Spacing: 1"
Days to Emerge: 5 - 10
Thinning: When 2" tall thin to 1' to 2' apart

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