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Feature Grasses Collection

The Feature Grass Designer Collection contains six individually packed perennials and annuals for feature planting.

This designer collection contains the following seeds:

Agrostis nebulosa
14 inches tall
250 seeds
Showy, very 'airy' clouds of small star-shaped flowers. (Annual)
Flowers June-September

Briza maxima
2 feet tall
100 seeds
Very delicate, nodding heads rustle in the slightest breeze. (Annual)
Flowers July-October

Festuca glauca
12 inches tall
125 seeds
Clumps of fine blue-green, 'evergreen' leaves. (Perennial)
Flowers June-July

Melica ciliata
30 inches tall
75 seeds
Arching deciduous stems topped with silky, cream flower spikes. (Perennial)
Flowers June-August

Setaria machrocheata
28 inches tall
125 seeds
Topped by thick curving spikes, like an animal tail. (Annual)
Flowers July-September

Stipa tenuissima
2 feet tall
50 seeds
Deciduous clumps of graceful, arching feathery plumes.
Flowers June-September

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