Plains Coreopsis

Plains Coreopsis - Seeds & Bulbs

Plains Coreopsis
(Coreopsis tinctoria)

This cheerful member of the Sunflower family will delight gardeners with its vivid yellow and maroon flowers and feathery green foliage. Used to attract butterflies and birds - lovely 'filler' in cut flower arrangements. The flowers are edible and very decorative in salads. Beautiful in wildflower plantings. Reseeds readily. Drought tolerant. Flowers can be dried in silica gel.

Average Packet Count: 1250 Seeds

Flower Type: Annual
Bloom Time: Summer to late fall
Height: 2' - 3'
Exposure: Full Sun

When to Sow Outside: In spring after all danger has passed or in late fall in mild winter areas.
When to Sow Inside: Not Recommended.
Seed Depth: 1/4 "
Seed Spacing: 1"
Days to Emerge: 8 to 15
Thinning: 6 to 8 inches apart

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