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Pampas Plume
(Cleosia argentea plumosa)

Celosia Pampas Plume, with its vivid plumes in scarlet, rose, carmine, gold, cream and bronze, provides a dramatic garden backdrop or focal point in beds, borders or containers. The large, feathery flowers are ideal for fresh or dried bouquets. An easy to grow plant loving heat and humidity. Prefers a fertile, well drained soil, rich in organic matter.

Flower Type: Annual
Bloom Time: Summer to frost
Height: 2' - 3'
Exposure: Full Sun

When to Sow Outside: Spring, after last frost and when soil has warmed.
When to Sow Inside: 6-8 weeks before last frost.
Seed Depth: SEEDS NEED LIGHT TO GERMINATE. Press lightly onto soil, but do not cover

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