Blue Flax

Blue Flax - Seeds & Bulbs

Blue Flax
(Linum perenne Lewisii)

Pleasing 1/2" to 1" sky/azure blue flowers on airy, delicate, graceful arching branches. Withstands summer heat well, but blooms longest in cool coastal summers. Should be planted 'in mass'. If sown early, will bloom the first year. Great for naturalized wildflower areas. Easy to grow. If planted as a wildflower mix, one packet covers 20 square feet.

Flower Type: Perennial
Bloom Time: Late Spring to Late Summer
Height: 1' to 1'
Exposure: Sun or Shade

Estimated Seeds per Pound: 325,000
Seeding rate: 7 pounds per acre

Estimated Seed Count
Area Covered
2 oz
780 sq ft
4 oz
1,556 sq ft
1 lb
6,223 sq ft

When to Sow Outside: Spring, after the average last day of frost. Plant as late as two months before the first fall frost.
When to Sow Inside: Does not transplant well. Sow directly outdoors.
Seed Depth: 1/4 "
Seed Spacing: 1"
Days to Emerge: 20 to 25
Thinning: When 1" tall thin to 6 inches apart

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