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Painted Daisies - Bulk Pricing - Seeds & Bulbs

Painted Daisy
(Chrysanthemum carinatum)
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These bright, tricolor blooms are a delightful addition to any garden, and are very easy to grow, but watch out! They can be agressive. Painted daisies tolerate drought once the plants are extablished, and they compete well with weeds. In the north they like full sun, but they will appreciate a little afternoon shade in the south. Expect blooms from late July until Autumn - a great follow-up plant for late season when most other flowers are fading. Painted daisies make a wonderful, long-lasting cut flower with a cottage garden charm. These flowers aren't a good choice for the hot, humid climate in the southeast.

Life Cycle: Hardy Annual
Height: 2 to 3 feet
Pounds per acre: 8.5
How to sow seeds: Sow directly in the garden where they are to grow when danger of frost has passed. Press the seeds lightly onto the soil, and when seedlings are about 2" tall thin to no more than a foot apart.

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