Lilium Stargazer

Lilium Stargazer - Seeds & Bulbs

Lilium Stargazer

Background of petal is lilac pink with a deep pink blush. Many large maroon speckles, flowers edged in white. Stargazer is an excellent cutflower.

Dramatic Oriental lilies add interest to a late summer garden. Large flowers bloom atop tall stems between July and September, and their powerful fragrance intensifies as the sun goes down. Oriental lilies can be grown in zones 3-9.

Bulb size: 16-18 cm
Classification: Oriental Lily
Latin name: Lilium
Exposure: sun, partial shade
Usage: cut flower, landscape plant
Height: 34-36"
Flowering Months: July-August
Planting Months: March-Sept.
Planting Method: Plant 12 inches apart in holes that are six inches deep.


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