Lilium Mona Lisa

Lilium Mona Lisa - Seeds & Bulbs

Lilium Mona Lisa

These bulbs have been precooled
for better blooms the first year and easy forcing

The soft pink flowers have darker pink veins and a deep blush in the center, with dark, showy speckles. The shorter size and prolific blooms of this lily make it an excellent choice for containers.

Dramatic Oriental lilies add interest to a late summer garden. Large flowers bloom atop tall stems between July and September, and their powerful fragrance intensifies as the sun goes down. Oriental lilies can be grown in zones 3-9.

Bulb size: 28 - 20 cm
Classification: Oriental Lily
Latin name: Lilium
Exposure: sun, partial shade
Usage: pot plant, landscape
Height: 14-18"
Flowering Months: July-August
Planting Months: March-Sept.
Planting Method: Plant 12 inches apart in holes that are six inches deep.

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